STAMP - Pomocne linki - 4/20/2024

The Avant STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) assesses Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, with scores provided from Novice through Advanced. The assessment is computer-adaptive and based on the internationally recognized ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.


To help you prepare for the test, please review:

Video Tutorials

Avant STAMP Getting Started Guide    Learn how to set up your devices and get ready to take the Avant STAMP Language Test

Avant STAMP Speaking Guide  Learn Tips and Strategies for the speaking portion of the Avant STAMP Language Test

Avant STAMP Writing Guide Learn Tips and Strategies for the writing portion of the Avant STAMP Language Test


· Test Taker Guide - STAMP 4S Test Taker Guide  

· Benchmarks & Rubrics Guide - STAMP 4S Benchmarks & Rubric Guide  

· Language Writing Examples - STAMP 4S Language Writing Examples

· Sample Tests - STAMP 4S Sample Tests

· Power Up Guide - STAMP 4S Power Up Guide

Please note: These tests are samples to experience the assessment flow and question types for all difficulty levels. However, you won't receive a score or experience the computer-adaptive technology of the actual test. Complete Reading before Writing, and Listening before Speaking.

Informacje o egzaminie STAMP - 4/23/2024

On average, it takes around 120 minutes to complete the full STAMP 4S assessment. To complete each domain, it takes approximately as follows:

· Reading: 35-40 minutes

· Writing: 20-25 minutes  

· Listening: 35-40 minutes

· Speaking: 20-25 minutes  


 Network IT Administrators:

·  Prior to logging in to take the test, please refer to our Technology Guide, visit our Technology Check page, and take a Sample Test to make sure your technology is properly configured.

Technology Preparation: 

·  Technology Guide - Assessment Technology Guide

·  Technology Check - Technology Check

·  Sample Tests - Sample Tests

·  For the Listening & Speaking sections of the assessment, please refer to the Headset Guide